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Switch to a PCAP analysis tool, if desired:
Maximum number of lines of data, per file:
Select tests from the database.

Select a CSV (not zip!), JSON zip archive, or time-aligned JSON (zip) file to import. Append to previous
Select a Limits file if you have one.
Display an image (e.g. system diagram) Image Scale Factor %
X Axis Settings
Y Axis Settings
Chart type
Value of X-Axis (Horizontal Axis)

Time series plot type:

Select endpoint if desired:
Value of Y-Axis (Vertical Axis)
Y options

Run(s) to include
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Pal Endpoints
Attenuation(s) to include
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Range of times to include

Select the standard:

MAC efficiency:   %

Filter out spikes:
Treat #N/A as "0":
Make Test Status "Running":

Throughput Delta:   Mbps
Attenuation Offset   dB

Minimum Attenuation:
Maximum Attenuation:

Minimum Orientation:
Maximum Orientation:

Minimum Time: msec
Maximum Time: msec

Run Number:

Transmit power (dBm)
Frequency (GHz)
Path Los Model:
Breakpoint distance (m)
Breakpoint exponent
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Level of detail in statistics: Use only key statistics: Throughput only?:

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Select a built-in test to analyze:
Grouped CDF plot value: (Use the Attenuation CDF to get to this. The "Qualcomm Plot")

PDF Options:
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X-axis min: X-axis max: X-axis step:
Y-axis min: Y-axis max: Y-axis step:
Radial min: Radial max:
Horizontal Line at: Vertical Line at:
Custom X Axis Label: Custom Y Axis Label:
Latency Histograms should be used for: Overlapping Histogram Plot Effective Lost Packet Plot 99.7% latency Plot
Latency Histogram Low Cutoff (msec): Latency Histogram High Cutoff (msec):


Short legends

Name of data: Filter this list:



Custom percentile value

Optional label for "selected statistics"

Normalize all values to max value
Show results as a relative plot
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...... and select this to show results as a relative values as a bar plot
Plots vs. angle are: linear | radial |
Comments on the chart

Analysis Summary
Warnings (limited to about 1000)